Today’s the Day – Of Giants & Ice Is OUT!

Honestly, it snuck up on me.

That sounds crazy, because I finished writing OF GIANTS & ICE at the very end of 2009 – more than two and a half years ago. But I kind of can’t believe it!

This weekend was absolutely filled to the brim – with all my marketing activities (I spent a significant amount of time designing stationary and address labels) and my friend visiting (Kaitlyn, if you’re reading this, I miss you) and my upcoming trip (my flight takes off in less than twelve hours; I should probably sleep. And finish packing).

I think I packed my schedule on purpose, so I wouldn’t have time to get nervous. It didn’t totally work. I could barely sleep last night for all the thoughts and feelings buzzing around. It didn’t stop me from completing a 28-item To Do list, including – but not limited to – stuffing chapter sample booklets into envelopes and rushing to the post office a half hour before closing. And answering LOTS of emails. And dropping off my friend at the airport about an hour and a half ago. And two loads of laundry.

These are the booklets, btw.

Books should come out more often. I get so productive.

Okay, but all joking aside – I’m giddy. I am full of such joy that I’m not 100% sure I can sleep even now.

I went through a phase back when I first started writing, where I would hit a milestone (first draft done, first revision finished, agent signed, etc.) and tell anyone who would listen, ‘I’m a really real author now.’ And now I’m a really really really REALLY real author.

My book is out, people. It’s bigger than me now. It has a life of its own.

Now, how will I spend my release day?

All packed up and ready to go!

Well, I’ll be carrying about a hundred of these these little booklets. I’m taking them on the bus, the MAX, and through security, where I fully expect weird looks and possible searches from the TSA peeps. If I run into any possible readers (ie. if kids start asking me, ‘What’s that? Why do you have so many copies of the same book?’ ), I may even give away some signed copies. Then I’ll carry them on a plane, where I’ll fly out to Montana and meet my mother.

And then we’re probably going to make a beeline for the nearest bookstore.

Now, if you’re out there wondering where you can get a copy of this book, it is NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE FOLLOWING SELLERS!!!

Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Books-A-Million • Indiebound • iTunes • Powell’s



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