TITLE & COVER REVEAL – The Ever Afters 4. plus a Giveaway :-)

Some of you have been asking about when I’ll reveal the title, and a few have been very eager to see the cover. Well, today is THE day for both.

As I have hinted before, a reader came up with this title, not me and not any of my publishing associates.

Some of you regular visitors may remember this, but in January, way before Of Sorcery and Snow came out, some readers decided to come up with possible Book 4 Titles on the first **SPOILER** Board. (In case you’re new to the site, a **SPOILER BOARD** is a page where readers can go and chat about the books as much as they want without ruining the plot for someone else. More details on this post.)

Anyway, these awesome readers didn’t just come up with a couple titles. They came up with DOZENS. A few kids started listing possibilities for every letter in the alphabet. Basically, you readers did my title brainstorming for me. I know I said this at the time, but again, thank you all so much!

I promised to send them on to my editor, Julia, when she asked for Book 4 titles. I sent her a list with some readers’ potential titles and a few I’d come up with as well. The one Julia and her team at S&SBFYR loved the most was created by…

Dun dun DUN!

Rachel S Announcement

As a thank you, Rachel, I’m going to make sure you get an early copy of the book. Unfortunately, since I’m still working on the manuscript, it’ll be a while until I have those. In the meantime, I’ve made you a one-of-a-kind mug. (I’m emailing you for your address, so definitely check it, okay?)

Now, before anyone races to that **SPOILER** Board and combs through Rachel’s comments to guess which title hit the mark, HERE is the final cover for The Ever Afters 4, the final book in the series:

Of Enemies and Endings Cover

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Isn’t it AMAZING?? I love this cover so hard. Cory Loftis (the cover artist) totally nailed the Snow Queen, with her cutting kind of beauty and her smug sort of fierceness. And Rory! She looks a little older than the girl on the cover for Of Sorcery and Snow, which is set only three and a half months earlier, and she has this look like she’s learned what she’s made of and she refuses to back down.

In other words, it’s a cover that promises EPICNESS will go down. (And it will. I just have to finish revising the book first.)

Now, to celebrate all this awesome, I’m going to give away with two prizes:

For those of you who don’t yet own the series (or just want to win signed copies), I’m giving away all three books AND one of the swag packs from this summer!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

I don’t want to leave out the people who already acquired all the books in the series, SO I’m also giving away copies of two more middle grade adventures:


Heidi-Emma-Collage a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’ve read the latter, a steampunk fairy tale which was beautiful and haunting and a little sad but full of hope, but I JUST got my hands on the former. HOOK’S REVENGE–a tale about Captain Hook’s daughter coming to revenge her father in Neverland–has been selling out all over the place, so it took me a while to snag my own copy. I am thrilled to start reading it tonight. (Plus, I’ll make sure Heidi signs HOOK’S REVENGE when I see her at our panel at A Children’s Place on Tuesday. Emma might not get a chance to sign hers.)

I think I’ll allow two whole weeks for the contest! That means, it’ll close at 11:59PM on 10/14. To enter, you just enter your name and email into the Rafflecopter widget(s) above, but extra points go to those people who Like the Ever Afters on Facebook.

Good luck to everyone who enters!!!!
And I hope y’all love the cover as much as I do!!!!!


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