The Nine Winners of the Breaking News Giveaway!

Breaking News GiveawayHello, readers!

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered and a special thank you to everyone who left questions! I meant to start answering them this week, but unfortunately, I’ve come down with an EPIC flu. This is the seventh day I’ve run fever and the sixth day I’ve spent in bed. The doctor says it can last up to FOURTEEN days, but I’m hoping that he’s wrong.

I mention this so that all the winners know that it may be a little while before I get these packages in the mail: I left them in the living room, far away from where I’ve been coughing, in order to keep them safe from this epic flu. It may be a while before I manage to get them to post office.

But without further ado, the winners are….

The first Of Enemies and Endings galley – Sara S.
The Awardwinners Prize Pack – Amanda K. T.
The Delirium Trilogy Prize Pack – Bella
The Heather Vogel Frederick Prize Pack – Emily V.
The I-Went-Back-To-North-Carolina-and-Picked-Up-Some-Southern-Gothic-Novels Prize Pack – Stephanie G.
The I-Attended-This-Signing-Just-Last Week Prize Pack – Abby H.
The Lunar Chronicles Prize Pack – Kayleen
The Recommended by Sherman Alexie Prize Pack – Jasmine D.
The So-You-Like-Middle-Grade-Fantasy?-Me-Too! Prize Pack – Kaitlyn

WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Congratulations to all our winners! And if there is some doubt about whether or not the names above are you, please check your email inboxes. I’ll be emailing all of you shortly.

Now, if you DIDN’T win, don’t despair. Well, at least if you were hoping to win Of Enemies and Endings. I will be putting up another galley giveaway very soon (probably March 1). My goal is to have a giveaway going every month, so you always have a chance to win it!


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