Disclaimer #1

I will try to address every suggested topic, but it may not be in a timely manner. I’m a slow thinker, and I do my best to convey my thoughts in a clear, accessible way, which sometimes takes longer than I expect!

Disclaimer #2

THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THE EVER AFTERS SERIES! I am using examples from my own writing life to talk about writing. It is easiest if I do that with examples from my own books and use the WHOLE book, in the beginning. I will try to give everyone a head’s up when spoilers are coming and what books they’re coming from, but I may forget. So, I’m warning y’all now.

Disclaimer #3

My experience of writing my books is very different from a reader’s experience of reading the same books. That is exactly how it should be. However, these articles contain a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the books, which mean that you may read something here that changes your understanding of The Ever Afters scenes, characters, and story lines. If that isn’t something you’re interested in, if you would prefer to keep the books exactly as you first experienced them, then I don’t recommend reading these articles. 

I’m mentioning that, because I don’t want any readers to get upset over something they learned about the process and feel like I ruined a beloved scene or character for them. Also, to be perfectly honest, it’s hard for me to speak so personally and reveal so much about my writing process, which has been pretty private up until this point.

BUT being more detailed and real tends to be more helpful, and being helpful is the kind of the whole point of this project.

Disclaimer #4

When I say helpful, I don’t just mean to anyone reading these posts. It’s a challenge to put what I’ve learned about making books into words, and attempting to do so can only make me a stronger writer. (At least, I’m hoping… :-P)