Sickness and Other Adventures

Okay, so I’ve been sick for roughly three weeks – I had a cold, which turned into a sinus infection, which trickled into my lungs and morphed into brochitis. (TMI? I sincerely apologize – my gross-out meter has also been a bit wonky recently.) I’ve visited the doctor twice, and I’m finally starting to feel better. Right now, there’s only some leftover ickiness/achiness and fever.

That still sounds bad, but I swear – this is definitely  an improvement from that hacking cough. I think the reason that it’s taking me so long to get better is just that I’ve been sick for SO LONG; my immune system is fatigued and operating slower than usual.

A few events cheered me over the past couple weeks:

Thanksgiving: hang time with my family is always welcomed. (This year was the first my sister couldn’t make it, because of work. We missed her, but four out of five ain’t bad.)

Fav dish: mac & cheese (Note: this one will always win, hands down.)

I got to meet my new editor, Julia Maguire. We went to lunch at City Lobster, where the lobster mashed potatoes are decadent and delicious. She is rather awesome herself — we talked a bit about The Ever Afters but mostly about other books. She has convinced me to read Gone Girl; I’m supposed to brace myself for how intense it is.


It’s another book Jo and Julia work together on, and they pitched it as “JUNO in space.” It’s awesome and wacky and possibly not middle grade with all the teen pregnancy.

I got to hang with my agent Jo. She came with me to the aforementioned lunch, and then we took the subway down to the Strand, where we both bought a sizable stack of books. My haul: a signed The Fault in Our Stars, The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman, and Mothership, which I finished already (!!!! two thumbs up and lots of LOLs).

Then we went to see Rise of the Guardians, which we both loved: really awesome middle grade storytelling, Jo said, and I think the fun details Dreamworks added pushed this from a fun movie to a wow film.

This is what I mean about fun details. (He’s Santa, btw. And he also wields two saber-like swords during the film, which makes him AWESOME and EPIC.)

(Note: this is the other reason why I’m still sick. I feel cruddy, but I still push myself to travel and to go to meetings and generally get stuff done. THIS IS THE DANGER OF ASPIRIN AND COUGH SYRUP. They let you keep going when you really shouldn’t. So, I don’t advise this.)

I got the ARCs for The Ever Afters 2: Of Witches and Wind!!!! Aren’t they pretty? I can’t reveal the full gorgeousness yet, because I don’t have the go-ahead to reveal the cover and description. (I’ve emailed Julia about it, though. So, probably soon.)

Behold, the PRETTY! I’m in love with this color combo, btw.

But when I do get permission, I’ll post them here! And on the Books page! And also sign an ARC and DO A GIVEAWAY! (Can you tell that I’m excited about it? :-P)