Photo Exploration: Reconnecting to the Carolinas – Spring 2016

Charlotte, North Carolina

1132 Charlotte 1-resized

1132 Charlotte 2-resized

This is where I grew up. Not this house specifically, but this area.

Charlotte 1-resized

Charlotte Sunset-resized

And this is Angela, one of my oldest and dearest friends, with her cute but fierce pup, Hunny.

Angela and Hunny-resized

Freedom Park

Freedom Park 1-resized

This is the same park where my mom took us to play and where my little brother had lacrosse practice.

Freedom Park 3-resized

Freedom Park 2-resized

Mint Museum Garden

Mint Museum 2-resized

I took field trips here as a kid, and now I live two minutes away.

Mint Museum 1-resized

Mint Museum 3-resized

Hilton Head, South Carolina

My family used to come here every summer when I was in elementary and middle school. Once we hit high school, it got harder to find a week that worked for everyone’s schedules, but we still try to go when we can.

For old times’ sake, and also because my mom was craving the beach, my family traveled here for Easter.

Hilton Head 1-resized

South Beach

Hilton Head 4-resized

Randomly, they had parrots across the street…

Hilton Head 2-resized

…a pretty harbor, and of course, the actual beach.

It was chilly, but it was also the first time I’d settled down to write since I arrived in Charlotte.

Working at Hilton Head-resized
I sat on the beach, and dolphins traveled in and out of the cove all day.

One of them traveled close to the shore, and kids ran alongside (see above), cheering every time the dolphin surfaced, which was deeply entertaining.

At the sunset, the view from the room where we stayed looked unreal; the colors had a Technicolor quality, almost too bright to be real. But it was.

Hilton Head Sunset-resized



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