Photo-Exploration No. 1

Yesterday, I went on a walk.

I took a route that was slightly problematic.

However, fall had begun, and the foliage was fantastic. I had my camera, and I had been down Stonebridge before.

It was a very pretty street, and it ended with a lake.

Much to my surprise, when I turned to go home, I discovered a staircase I had never seen before.

It was a well-made staircase, but it wasn’t obvious where it led.

And I wasn’t dressed for such an adventure.

Would you take it?

I did.

The stairs curled down to the left. A new path wove below them. It was made out of brick – a red brick road.


The path ended with a potted plant that doesn’t look like it was native to these shores.

Luckily, a bridge waited nearby.

It crossed a muddy creek. Downstream, there was another bridge, not as nice as the one I was on.

A gravel path took me through the trees.

And this is where it led.

My best guesses on the clearing at the end of the red
brick road:

  1. It was a fairy glade, and I arrived way too early (three o’clock in the afternoon) to join the party. To support this theory, I found clovers but no mushroom rings.


  • Some land developers had a cleared a space for a new house, which they haven’t started building yet. To supportthis theory, I found a driveway.


The mystery endures….