NaNoWrimo 2015 Recap: Weeks 2 and 3

I know. I disappeared. I’m sorry!

Top 3 Excuses:

(I have more, but I’ve decided against indulging in divulging them (Nano brain makes me punchy and inclined toward wordplay (Ellie and Ben got their punny-ness from SOMEONE.)))

  • Writing toward a daily word count goal of 1,667 = time-consuming = difficulty.
  • I’m struggling with a sinus infection. I’ve been to the doctor and taken a round of antibiotics, but I’m still not 100%. 🙁
  • Arrow, the TV show, is way more addictive than I thought. I started last week; binge-watching ensued; and I have already finished Season 1.



Week 2:

I usually overcome writer’s block by setting a timer for 15 minutes and writing, 15 minutes on and 15 off until I get feel good about what I’ve accomplished. Most of the time, I’ll get caught up in what I’m doing, and I’ll write for way longer than 15 minutes. Then I’ll take a 15 minute break and hit the next 15+ minute writing session all recharged.

However, when you’re running fever, 15 minutes of work–even fun work–feels like an eternity. Instead, I start writing for just 5 minutes and take longer breaks.

Also, my NaNo notebook starts to feel like too much pressure, so instead, I pull up an email to myself on my iPhone and write for five minutes, typing with my thumbs.

Week 3:

The first part of the week goes swimmingly, and I finish a new chapter in three days instead of four.

Then, even though I feel slightly better, I hit a wall. Every sentence feels hard.

At first, I blame the real life pressures which have descended upon me. Then I blame Arrow and my newborn love and devotion for my new personal mascot, Felicity Smoak.


Click through for source.

Then, I thought back to earlier writing binges, ie. retreats I tried to take: I usually can focus and churn out new words at a good, consistent clip for ten days max. After that, I’ll write spottily–at least until my creative battery regains some creative juice.

Sometimes, binge-watching a show can help and jog new ideas. Sometimes, I just need time until some plot point or character revelation falls into place. Sometimes, I just need a break.

Long story short: I’m still dedicated, but as of writing this post, I’m 2,500 words behind of my 36,674 goal.

Wish me luck! And just as a head’s up, the next Journeypen Project post hits this week!


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