Lovely Art and The **Spoiler** Board

Beanstalk, by Meghan Holohan (2013)--the text says, "Reading is a way to learn, dream, and explore!"

Beanstalk Bookmark, by Meghan Holohan (2013)–the text says, “Reading is a way to learn, dream, and explore!”

Rory and Lena, by Meghan Holohan (2013)

Rory and Lena, by Meghan Holohan (2013) — both images are recreated here with permission from Meghan and her mother. Thank you, Meghan and Lynn!

This fantastic art was made by Meghan Holohan! I tried scanning them as well, but it flattened the colors in a not awesome way. So, I just took pictures. Anyway, Meghan and her mother were nice enough to give me permission to post it here. Meghan also sent me a few more wonderful pieces, but I decided not to share them since they contain a few spoilers.

(Okay, these technically reveal certain things about Of Giants and Ice too, but since they come up in the first half of the book, I’ve decided that’s okay.)

I try very hard not to give away spoilers on The Ever Afters. I personally don’t mind spoilers–I very rarely read a book for plot, and I usually read the end of the book first, just so I don’t have any excuse to stay up super late reading. But that’s pretty weird. Most people I know aren’t like that. My sister, for example. Once, back in middle school, I’d finished Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban and she hadn’t, and I accidentally spoiled some surprises that have to do with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. She was not pleased. I learned my lesson, and now I keep my mouth shut as much as possible.

Which is part of why I haven’t discussed Of Witches and Wind very much on this blog. Dude, this book is full of SECRETS. And they’re epic. You’ll learn a lot about the history of the Canon and its founders. You’ll learn about the pasts of some key Characters. Some secrets are revealed in the beginning, and some are part of the book’s ending.

That paragraph was so hard to write, because I reread it about a hundred times to make sure I didn’t actually hint at any of those secrets. It’s really hard to talk about Of Witches and Wind without revealing anything.

But I’m going to ask you guys to try. Please!

Because when Of Witches and Wind comes out next week, some of you are going to read faster than others. Some of your parents will have the time to take you to the library or the bookstore right away; some won’t–some of you have Kindles and e-readers that can deliver books automatically, and some don’t. Some blog visitors have only read Of Giants and Ice and are visiting this website for the first time to see if there’s a sequel, and some haven’t read any books in The Ever Afters series and just want to learn a little more about it.

(If you are one of those people, welcome! I hope you like the books, if you get a chance to read them!)

So, out of respect for those who haven’t read that far, I would really appreciate it if you guys could please avoid leaving comments about what happens in Of Witches and Wind on the regular blog posts and website pages.

HOWEVER, I’ve totally had experiences where I’ve read something and I’m the first person I know who has finished the book and I’m DYING to talk about it. That’s not exactly fun either.

So, I’ve set up The **SPOILER** Board (click here, or check out the tab on the far right of the banner above), a page where you CAN talk about anything you want in the books. There’s a big warning on the top of that page, designed to turn people away if they haven’t read Of Witches and Wind. — This way, we still can have a free discussion. You guys can talk and comment to each other, and I’ll pop in and answer questions as well.

Also, it’s totally okay if someone forgets and accidentally posts a spoiler. I definitely won’t get upset, but I may move their comment to the spoiler board for them and then email them a head’s up about what I did.

Sound good? If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask–either in the comments or via email (


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