In Case You’re Curious…

During my last post, I actually didn’t mention what I’ve actually been up to in the past three months.

So, in case you’re curious, and without further ado, I…

  • Got my author photo (Actually, it was a bunch of photos, and I haven’t picked one yet. Wanna see one? Wanna? Look right! Honour Hiers took them. She’s absolutely awesome.)
  • Replaced all the software on my poor crashed comp. (I actually like the new Microsoft for Mac. I even set up Outlook, because I missed its calendar. Yes, I am a dork.)
  • Started walking again (although less now since it got so freaking cold)
  • I found Sarabeth’s jam at Sur La Table and have used up almost the entire jar. (If you are wondering why this is worth mentioning, you probably haven’t ever had Sarabeth’s jam. Go get some! Totally worth it!)
  • I knitted and embroidered four Christmas gifts. I would be more specific, or maybe even post pictures as evidence, but some of my family members read this blog. – I don’t want to spoil the surprise.
  • Watched ALL of Avatar: The Last Airbender (so CUTE! I know everyone says this, but the series is much much better than the movie. Even if you’ve seen the movie, don’t give up on the cartoon without watching a few episodes. )
  • Reread EAS#1 and made a TON of revision notes
  • Wrote a more detailed synopsis for EAS#2 for Jo (yaaaaaay! I actually don’t mind synopses so much. It’s more the timelines I set for myself.)
  • Was sick – like SICK IN BED and totally out of it – for two weeks straight
  • Sickly, I watched a ridiculous and random amount of films on my laptop, including all of the Harry Potter movies (I, uh, bought the box set at Target *whistles awkwardly in her fandom*) and Anne of Green Gables(Does anyone else remember this one? I loved it so much as a kid. It’s the only time I ever had a crush on a dude named Gilbert.)


  • Wrote and rewrote the beginning of EAS#2 at least six times. Sigh. Still not totally happy with it.
  • Filed ALL of my receipts from the past 18 months (I think I also caught some sort of o
    rganizing bug right after my flu phase.)
  • We did Thanksgiving, and I ate a ton of Turkey and took a four hour nap.
  • Saw Harry Potter 7: Part I with Angela over Thanksgiving (OMG!! Did they really have to end it there????)
  • Reread HP7 (Yes, after the movie. The order is important. I enjoy the movies so much more if I don’t read the book beforehand.)


  • Actually, I only read 18 books.
  • But I finally finished the FABLEHAVEN series, and OMG, they just kept getting more and more awesome.
  • Visited my sister in Charleston for her birthday. (Actually, this was my first trip driving on the highway by MYSELF – at least outside of Montana.)
  • Snuck in a half-hour trip to the beach on the way back from Charleston, where I had lots of epic EAS#2 thoughts.
  • Did the dreaded Christmas shopping. (I even braved the mall…)


  • Went to my high school and told my advisor (ie. homeroom teacher) that I’m gonna be published. *grins* He was excited. (And now you know what I looked like the day I graduated from high school….about the same, actually. I wonder if Waps minds that I put his picture on this blog. Hmmmm. I will have to ask him when I see him in January.)
  • Wrote some Christmas cards. (Before Christmas even!)
  • Sent some Christmas packages with the cards. (Also before Christmas! I’m totally on a roll this year.)
  • Helped my mom and dad put on a company party for 30+ people (Except for the meat plates, Mom and I made all the food. I swear, my arms are STILL sore from mashing those potatoes. In fact, we may still have some of those mashed potatoes.)
  • Relocated to Montana for Christmas and New Year’s, which is where I am now. I am aiming to write as much as possible (Hmmmmmm. So far it’s working pretty well, I’d say) AND to reach my goal of reading 100 books this year (two more to go!).


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