How I Spent Pub Week (In Outline Form)


As I hinted in my last post, our first stop after arriving Montana was the Barnes & Noble in Bozeman. I wasn’t joking. I present as evidence Exhibit A:

Ignore the greasy airplane hair. And the cheesy grin.


My parents, who are ridiculously awesome, gave me two Let’s-Celebrate-Your-First-Published-Book presents.


An engraved bookmark!

In case you can’t read the engraving, it says:
“Of Giants and Ice”
By Shelby Trenkelbach

I have decided to store it forever in my very first copy of my first book (also pictured). 🙂



Okay, for this one, you need the story: once upon a time, back when my very first contract was happening, I told my parents that I planned to buy  jewelry for every project my agent and I signed. This jewelry was intended to be kind of like a memorial to milestone I just reached, but I could also wear it to every event I had for that project.

So, I looked for something for the Ever Afters. I looked for over a year. I checked out necklaces with fairy tale messages, and sword pendents, and rings with plain swirls, and earrings with great trees on them. I trolled Etsy and local craft fairs, and I didn’t find anything that encapsulated all my (many, vast, varied) feelings for this series.

Fast forward to last Tuesday – I was mildly disappointed every time I thought about this grand scheme, including during the flight to Montana. But after I opened the bookmark, Mom handed me another box. And I was like, No way they remembered this grand scheme I told them about that one time. I haven’t talked about it in years…

I should probably know who designed these babies, but sadly, I do not.

But these were in the box!

Aren’t they PERFECT? Aren’t they fairy-tale-y? (Yes, that’s a new word now.) Kind of Beanstalk-ish?

I told ya: my parents = RIDICULOUSLY awesome.

And have I been wearing them at random intervals throughout the week? Absolutely. (Actually, I’m wearing them right now. I would wear them all the time, but I’m afraid to lose them.)


I forced both my parents at separate times to sit down with a finished copy of my book and flip through the frontmatter (ie. opening pages) until they reached the dedication:


There were tears. Not all of them mine.


I scoured the internet and collected 607 addresses. (I’m doing a mailing, and I’ll probably collect more. Really, I don’t need to tell you, but I wanted to see this really impressive number somewhere.)

Then I promptly backed up all my files.


I packaged and mailed those chapter samplers I carried from Portland to here.

This is where the mailing happened and where my tongue got papercuts.
(The booklets are at the end of the table.)

I only have one left, which I am proudly displaying on the dashboard of my car.


I created a snazzy new banner for this blog.

I decided it was way too big, so I created an even snazzier banner (see above).

(Artwork credit goes to the amazing Cory Loftis, btw.)


Mom and I also visited Chico Hot Springs, where a random old barn and an insanely pretty sky totally stole the show.

I took this pic with my phone!
And didn’t Photoshop at all!!!!!

I think Mom’s going to paint it. 🙂



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