HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And Photo-Exploration No. 8: The Grotto’s Festival of Lights Edition

[NOTE: This was one of the posts that I mentioned disappeared into a digital black hole somewhere–find original message here. So, if you’re wondering why you missed this in December 2013, that is why!)

Not too far from my house, there’s this cool sanctuary type place called The Grotto. I found out about it from my friend Arielle, who wanted to come see it on her first visit to Portland in March 2012 (that just so happened to be MY first time to Portland too).

Anyway, it’s cool during the daytime, but on one rainy night in December, I stopped by their gift shop to do a little Christmas shopping for my mom. As it turns out, that same day, the Grotto was holding “The Festival of Lights.”

Clearly, I went.






I obviously have a thing for angels. I inherited it from my mom. Strangely enough, this is related to what I got Mom for Christmas, which might explain why I visited the Grotto in the first place.


But reindeer are also nice.

But reindeer are also nice.

My favorite thing about the Grotto was actually this guy from the petting zoo:

He's all like, Wait, who put this hay here?

He’s all like, “Wait, who put this hay here? It’s like Christmas came early!”













"It looks so tasty!"

“It looks so tasty!”

"I shall devour it all!!!"

“I shall devour it all!!!”













But this was my favorite picture from the whole night. I took it as I was walking toward the exit and home:



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