Friday Five – the Traveling Edition

I almost called this Friday Five “the Lightning Fast Edition.” I’m not done packing yet, so this will be swift!


"Goldilocks," by Thi (2013)


Look at the cool drawing Thi sent me! She told me that this is her interpretation of Goldilocks, and it was so cool that I asked her if I could post it here. She was nice enough to say yes!

Thi, I’m sorry! I can’t remember when I told you I would put this online, but I might be a little late! I hope you don’t mind.


If you haven’t seen this interview with Kristen Kittscher or entered the giveaway to win THE WIG IN THE WINDOW, go check it out here! The giveaway ends at midnight on Monday!


The first pass of The Ever Afters 3: Of Sorcery and Snow was due this week! So, basically, I had to reread it and check it for errors. After getting Lena’s hometown wrong in Of Witches and Wind, I took extra precautions. I checked and double-checked passages against Book 1 and 2.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t miss something, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. (There are a lot of double negatives in that sentence. If I had more time, I would stop and fix it.)


The reason why I don’t have time: I’m leaving town tomorrow morning! I’ll be flying back to Charlotte. I have a school visit on Monday, which I’m VERY excited about, and I wanted to give myself a day to adjust to the East Coast time zone.


Here’s the packing I need to finish:

My luggage - ALMOST packed

My luggage – ALMOST packed

I’m 95% sure that the airline will tell me it’s overweight. That’s what comes from packing all the bookmarks and the books. (Veronica Roth’s Allegiant is there in the middle.)

But I go prepared–I have a carry-on duffel for overflow. **insert evil laugh here**

No, seriously, I need to go finish packing. Talk to you later!


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