Friday Five – the Long-Time-No-See Edition


Oh, blog! How I’ve missed you! I know I’ve been answering comments, but that’s not the same as a post. So, here I am to remedy that situation.


I’ve been a bit sad.

Last October, I wrote a little bit about my great-grandmother’s death and how much I missed her. It hit me hard this summer, and recently, it hit harder still–my mom used to be a grief counselor, so I knew that grief was work. But it surprised me how gray the world could seem, and how my day felt like a great gaping hole sat unnoticed in the middle of it, sucking away all my energy.

But it’s a part of life. I knew I would eventually lose her, but I was lucky to have her for 26 whole years. That’s more than many people get with their grandparents, let along the generation before that. And now that the anniversary of her passing is behind, I’m starting to marvel at the world again. (Hence the picture of colorful trees. :-P)


I’ve also been a little busy too, especially last week:

Last weekend was Wordstock, a literary festival here in Portland, and it was marvelous. I enjoyed presenting, and more than that, I learned so much. I’ll write a thorough post all about it soon–complete with pictures, but I just want to say: I got meet T.A. Barron! And Matthew Kirby!! And CYNTHIA VOIGT!!!

I got a TON of books, and some of them I’m going to give away for a Happy Halloween giveaway next week!


I’ve been recharging too–which makes means I’ve been trying to refill my creative battery so that I can tackle The Ever Afters 4 with gusto.

Eleanor & Park, Fangirl

I’ve been reading a lot, making up for lost time from earlier in the year when I was writing up a storm. I gobbled up Rainbow Rowell’s books all in a row. I picked up both her YA’s, Eleanor & Park and Fangirl, from Green Bean Books in the middle of September. I read them, and then I missed her characters so much that I downloaded her adult novel, Attachments, on my Kindle.


I’m officially addicted. These are romances, people, and they’re a little on the steamy side–but that’s not why I enjoyed them so much. Her characters are so human and so brilliant and so flawed–their stories demonstrate the ways that love can’t change you fundamentally, or solve all your problems, but it can inspire you to change yourself and slowly make positive changes in your life. They filled me with Happy Book Glow.


Speaking of Happy Book Glow, I haven’t gotten a chance to read many of the books I got at Wordstock, but I’ve already read one that I’m already totally in love with:


THE WIG IN THE WINDOW was DELIGHTFUL! And brilliant and funny and clever and full of twists and turns and fantastic characters, and I have been gushing about it all day. I even gushed about it to the author, Kristen Kittscher (I met her at Wordstock, so it wasn’t too weird for me to contact her out of the blue).

And she kindly agreed to let me interview her here in a few weeks when I give away a copy of A WIG IN THE WINDOW. So, stay turned for that next month!


Last confession: I’ve been watching TV.


Is anyone else watching Sleepy Hollow? I didn’t expect to like it so much! Especially since I’m afraid of scary things and gore, and heads get cut off fairly frequently on this show. Mostly I’m a big fan of Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, and the way they respect each other and call each other out.

Also, the whole eighteenth century gentlemen detective in modern day times is working form. The Yolanda scene in particular made me giggle in a big way:

I’m also enjoying Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.–guess who Fitz and Simmons (the geniuses in the lab) reminds me of? 🙂



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