Friday Five – the I-am-SO-Tired Edition


This post is mainly to let you know that I’m still alive. And super tired, which has been creeping up on me for a while. For example, last week, I started to write a Friday Five, but I was too tired to think of more than two things.

I’m hoping to do better this week. šŸ˜›


Don’t worry, though! I know exactly where all the brain fry comes from: I had a revision due to Julia. My whole mind was consumed in collapsing scenes, expanding revelations, rewriting dialogue, and trying not to spell “Brie” as “Bree.”

But good news! I turned in a new draft of The Ever Afters 3 on Thursday! It is exactly 56 pages shorter than it was before. (Trust me. That’s a good thing.)


Whoa. For a second, I thought I was stuck at just two things again, but no.

Here’s something: the Ever Afters 3 has a tentative title going on, but I don’t have permission to share it yet. šŸ™ Just so you know, I LOVE IT. Also, one word in the title may or may not start with S….



I’ve been rereading Suzanne Collins’s The Underland Chronicles since March, and I’m just finishing up the last book now. I just need to say: I love this series so hard! It’s even better during a reread, because you can see how far the characters have come and how far you have to go. My favorite characters are Nerissa and Ripred, but my favorite moments tend to be between Luxa and Gregor, or Ares and Gregor.

Favorite thing of all? The way Suzanne Collins doesn’t dumb anything down, even though she writes tons of dark stuff. That’s my pet peeve in kidlit.

But I do know why it has taken months to finish rereading the series. Even though it’s totally worth reading, it’sĀ hard to read. The Underland is NOT a world you want to live in, not like Hogwarts or Narnia or Camp Halfblood. And like the world of the Hunger Games, it’s not supposed to be. The experience that Collins drags her readers through is not feel-good–it’s hard truths, earned after a draining grueling journey.

Hmm. I’m totally not selling people on reading these books right now. But as a writer, and a reader, I respect Collins for writing with purpose. She takes young readers seriously.


Anyway, I promised myself a treat for finishing this revision: an iPhone.

That’s right. I’m FINALLY making the switch, and my family can stop teasing me about being the last person in the world who has a Blackberry. I’ve had good times with my Blackberry. I even wrote a post about mine, once upon a time. I’ve written whole chapters on this one, and I’ll miss having real buttons in my keypad.

I’m not one hundred percent sure that I’ll miss anything else, though. Feature I’m most excited about? The iPhone camera. I’m even considering signing up for an Instagram account. šŸ™‚

(P.S. I thought of 5!!!!!!! Yaaaay!!)


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