Friday Five – The how-is-it-already-April? edition


April snuck up on me, and I’ll tell you why: the farther we sank into March, the deeper I fell into a writing zone.

I finished the first draft of The Ever Afters 3 last month–don’t get excited yet! I have at least eight more drafts to go before the book is done :-)–and when I looked up and noticed the calendar again, it was April. And the daffodils were fading, and the tulips were popping up, and the pear tree outside my kitchen window had exploded into green leaves and white flowers.

This is what I call the writer’s vortex, where almost everything falls away except for the book, and all my time is spent in the writing cave, and I can’t really manage full conversations.

If I’ve been slow about returning emails and letters and blog comments over the past few weeks, this is why! It’s not personal!! It’s just that my mind is stuck in book-making mode.

I’ll return to my regular self soon. 🙂


I’m currently deep into revision mode, trying to make this manuscript readable so I can send it to my wonderful agent Jo and my lovely editor Julia.

The revision notes I have for myself are about seven pages long, and my deadline is April 15.

So, it’s totally possible that I’ll get sucked into a revision vortex too.


I take comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one working feverishly. Shannon Hale–love her books, btw–posted this on her tumblr page:

Shannon Hale-This is Just to Say



Confession: I accidentally stayed up super late on Wednesday night, reading this. It’s an adult romance, recommended to me, because I love Sarah Addison Allen so much. I read the Winter Sea over Christmas, and I have to say, I’m starting to dig Susanna Kearsley’s tales of romance on the British Coast. Both had a historical element and a fairy tale atmosphere, but with real danger and heroines who don’t panic even when they’re scared.

I’ll probably read another when I finish this one.


Of course, the book I’m the most excited about this week is this one! The last installment of the Kat, Incorrigible series!!! It came out this week, and I can’t wait for my copy to arrive at my local indie (I ordered it yesterday).


I was sitting here trying to think of something non-book-related to tell you, and all I could think of was that I saw two movies recently:



Then I realized that both of those movies, which I seriously enjoyed btw, are originally based on books. So….

It’s pretty safe to say that books have taken over my life this spring. 😛


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