Friday Five – the Hopefully-I-Can-Finish-This-Post-Before-Saturday Edition

1. A Shelfie, By Request


This one is for Dria, who asked me to post a Shelfie on goodreads last week–and then was kind enough to explain what a shelfie was. (I’m sorry that it took me so long to post it, Dria!)

These are a handful of the books in my room. Some of these I’ve read this spring. Others just came out but I got a chance to read them before they released. I loved all of them.

I know–I cheated with THE CROSSOVER: I read it on my Kindle (pictured, second from the top), but it was so good that I had to include it. 🙂

2. New York City

I visited New York at the end of May. Have I mentioned that? The whole trip was a blur–actually, you might say that this whole year has been a blur–but I thought y’all might like a quick recap in pictures. Ready?

Click through for Photo Credit--I was too busy devouring to take my own pics.

Click through for Photo Credit–I was too busy devouring to take my own pics.

 On Friday, I took my lovely editor, Julia, out for an afternoon coffee at this yummy place (see above–we actually sat at those front tables). I’d just stumbled off a red-eye flight that morning, so my brain was a little fried. Because she’s wonderful, Julia pretended she didn’t notice.

Saturday morning and early afternoon, I visited BEA, a.k.a. Book Expo of America. I haven’t been since 2008, and I don’t remember it being so crowded! Quite a few pics of this event have been floating around the internet in the past few weeks, so I condensed my best ones into one big picture.


Sadly, I haven’t gotten a chance to read any of the titles in my book haul. Siiiiigh. Someday, I’ll have free time again.

Saturday evening, I attended the Kid Author Carnival! That event was so awesome that it gets to be #3 in this Friday Five (see below).


Saturday night, my agent Jo, her husband Joe, and I went to go see MALEFICENT! In 3D IMAX! It was insane and GORGEOUS, and I actually loved it. I loved seeing the way Maleficent was broken and healed, and how she always took responsibility for her actions, even when she did wrong.  I loved how they weaved in stuff from the original SLEEPING BEAUTY too.


Click through for source. I was too busy chatting to take pictures.

Sunday afternoon, I hung out with Kristen, an old friend I ran into by chance at BEA, and her brand-new fiance. We walked all around Prospect Park (see above) and then to a bookstore. We also spotted this sign in her neighborhood:

That says, "Lemonade & Tattoos," btw. I didn't see any kids manning the booth though!

That says, “Lemonade & Tattoos,” btw. I didn’t see any kids manning the booth though!


Sunday evening, I hung out with my friends, Arielle and Zack, AND their new puppy, Lucy (see above). She is that adorable, btw. She is very rarely that still, but she’d just tired herself out playing in the puppy park.


At sunset on Sunday, we got ice cream at a pier in Brooklyn Heights.

Monday, right before I left, I had to stop by a couple places that had been my favorite haunts back when I still lived in New York.


One of those was Alice’s Tea Cup. The above picture kind of gives you a sense of their general decor. The next one may give you a sense of why I love it so much.

Click through for source.

Click through for source.


On the way to pick up my bags on Monday afternoon, I walked through Central Park.





I used to go there to calm down in the midst of stressful city life. This time, I found it beautiful, but it made me long for home and the greenery here in Portland.

3. Kid Author Carnival



First off, the Jefferson Market Library was beautiful (see above). It reminded me of the library at Vassar College, where I went to school–something like a cathedral to literature.

The KAC organizers worked amazingly hard, and the kids who attended seemed to have a great time.

2014-05-31 19.07.59

I’m second from the right. (Photo Credit: Joanna Volpe, a.k.a. awesome agent to me and Kody)

I had a blast on my panel. I felt so lucky to sit between Kwame Alexander, author of THE CROSSOVER, and Kody Keplinger, author of THE SWIFT BOYS AND ME.

Kwame shared wonderful stories that had us all in stitches, and he oozed positivity. I was shocked to find out afterwards that he wasn’t feeling well. Also, I got to tell him that his book made me cry in public.

I already knew Kody Keplinger (Jo is her agent as well), but this was the first time we got to do an event together. She’s a hoot, full of lively and insightful stories, and I’m thrilled she has joined the realm of middle grade.

But the person who made my night was Bryn. She came up to introduce herself after the panel, and she said that she had read my books around eighteen times. Of course I gave her some prizes to thank her. 🙂

4. School Visit at the Ivy School

Some of you readers have asked me to come to your school, and I’ve had to disappoint you and say no since I live too far away.

But last month, I got to say yes to two young ladies here in Portland!

A few days after I came back from New York, I spoke to the middle school students at the Ivy School. I have to confess: I think that the speech I gave was way too generalized for kids as creative as these students. Afterwards, I watched a play written and directed by one of the girls who invited me to speak, and it blew me away–the talent and the humor in it.


I have been even more MIA than usual over the past few weeks. One reason was that I’ve been trying to revise Book 4. Another reason was that I’ve been traveling.

But the last reason is that I’ve been making stuff!!!! I’ve been calling said stuff “goodies,” but I’ve just realized that the unofficially official term is “swag.” So, I’ll start calling it that.

And I’ll be giving some swag away in my next post. 🙂


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