Four Days Out

Four days until OF GIANTS AND ICE heads out into the big bad bookstores and sits on shelves, where people I don’t know can pick it up.

Okay, technically, people could have been picking up the galley and start reading it as well, but this is bigger. This means ANYBODY can grab it. It’ll be public, and it’ll be out of MY hands and out of S & S’s hands, and it’ll be bigger than me.

Terrifying and exhilarating, I tell you. I still maintain that being a debut author is like starting a new school.

On the other hand, it doesn’t quite feel real.

It’s been a very odd month, and this week in particular has seemed very busy in a strange, didn’t-I-just-do-this way. For example, on after some faulty code editing wouldn’t let me log into WordPress, I lost my entire website. You may have seen my bitter tears on Twitter. I had to start over from scratch, but the good news is that I imported everything from my old blog relatively recently. I only lost all these WordPress pages and two posts.

Those pages have been rewritten and reposted. As for those posts…

They weren’t fantastic literature. I’ll recap for you here:

‘The Epic Mother Daughter Cross Country Road Trip: Origins’ – Basically, I just said that I left Charlotte and went on a grand adventure, because we have a tradition in my family of picking up your ENTIRE life and starting over far from your support system. I felt like I was playing it safe by staying in Charlotte. The epic move has been a growing experience, but after visiting Charlotte at the end of June, I realized how much I love and miss it.

‘The End of the Journey’ – I never told y’all where I ended up: Portland, Oregon. I’m such a fan. I enjoy how green it is. I enjoy how bookish it is. I love the vibe, and like my first roommate said when I met her in April, “When I got here, it felt like home.”

(Wow. That’s amazing. I can be really concise when I set my mind to it. I’m actually kind of shocked about it.)

And you know what I’ve learned from this sad website experience?

Always back  up your files!!

Okay, I’ll stop moaning about it. But it’s been a week like that.

The other big OF GIANTS AND ICE thing going on this week are these booklets with the novel’s first two chapters. I’m mailing them out to a bunch of places to let people know that I have this book, and I’m proud of it, and if they want to start reading it, here’s the first two chapters. This was an idea that had me up in the middle of the night back in February, so I’m super excited about them finally getting underway.

In other news, I signed a new lease here in Portland. After many Craigslist misadventures (the gal who was supposed to move in on the 1st never showed, and we haven’t heard from her, not by text, nor phone, nor email), a third roommie has moved in. We have finished knitting a baby blanket for our downstairs neighbors/landlords’ daughter, who turns one on the same day my book comes out. (Knitting is a good de-stressor for me, in case that wasn’t obvious.) It’s very cute. We are very proud that it’s ready for her birthday party on Sunday. I have an old friend coming in town to visit tomorrow, and on Tuesday, I fly to Montana to celebrate my book’s birthday with my mom.

It’s all extremely exciting.

Okay, I need to dash across town to go pick up those chapter samplers now. Woooot!


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