Author Videos

Click here to watch The Ever Afters Author videos. We’ll be releasing this 6-clip series in July 2016, so keep checking back here for updates!

Discussion Guides

Click here to download an Of Giants and Ice discussion guide for classroom, library, or personal use.

(Please note: Discussion guides for Of Witches and Wind, Of Sorcery and Snow, and Of Enemies and Endings are not yet available.)

Madame Benne

A page from Madame Benne’s spell book was found beside the lake at Ever After School, and Rumpelstiltskin preserved it in the library. If you would like to take a peek, click here.

If you’re interested in reading a bit of Madame Benne’s biographyMadame Benne: Genius Inventor and Fey Traitor?, you can click here to see an excerpt from “Chapter 13: Her Legacy.”

Fey Fudge

As you may know, Fey fudge is a delicious substance–Rory and Chase both love this dessert, and Lena finds it irresistible.

Lady Ayalla Aspenwind, a noblewoman in the Unseelie Court, once came to Ever After School to impart her Fey Fudge knowledge. If you’re interested in learning about the history of Fey fudge, as told by Lady Aspenwind herself, you might visit this page.

If you’re interested in downloading the original Fey fudge recipe, click here. (Disclaimer: it’s very difficult to recreate the original Fey recipe if you don’t use magic.)

Luckily for humans everywhere, Ellie and Gretel–both Characters in Ever After School’s Canon–happen to adapt that recipe for human use. If you’re curious about how their initial cooking session with Lady Aspenwind, click here to read Sarah Thumb’s report about it.

You can download Ellie’s Fey Fudge recipe here. (It uses the microwave.)

You can download Gretel’s Fey Fudge recipe here. (It uses the stovetop.)

You can find both Fey Fudge recipes here. (This version prints both on the same page.)

Other Links

Curious about what happened when Rory, Chase, and Lena attended the Ever Afters’ Christmas Party? Find out here!

Want to learn more about the Tales in Chase and Lena’s families? Check out their EAS orientation letters! Click here for Lena’s and here for Chase’s. (Note: If you want to read any of the Tales listed in these, just click on its title!)

You can listen some Character Playlists for Rory Landon, Lena Lamarelle, Chase Turnleaf, Rapunzel, the Snow Queen, and Chatty right here.

If you want to read an article on what fairy tales told me about plot, you can read it here on Green Bean Teen Queen.

You can also learn a little more about me and my books at Girl Scout’s The Studio here.