Photo-Exploration No. 4 – Cannon Beach

(Hello! Long time, no see – that’s my fault. I’ve got an epic update post in the works, but for now, I wanted to post something that’s really an excuse for pretty pictures.)

I woke up on Saturday, and I wanted to see the ocean. So, I went. I drove to Cannon Beach for the day.

Being able to do exactly what I want to do is one of the best perks of being a grown-up. Now, to be fair, I don’t do exactly what I want all the time. I’ve wanted to go see the Oregon coast for a while now, but some mornings, I had to tell myself, “No, Shelby – you can’t go to the beach; you need to work on your revision.” Or “No, you don’t have time. You and your roommate are going to a concert at 7.”

I know the weather wasn’t ideal, but I loved the mist – I loved how soft it made everything look.

But this Saturday, I didn’t have any commitments. I just climbed in my MINI and drove 70 miles to the west. A very pretty drive – through some farmland and two state parks, where trees are covered – crown to roots – in a thousand shades of green.

It was, however, raining. I’m sure you can tell the sky wasn’t postcard perfect from the pictures. But when I stopped for lunch and a mocha in a local bakery called Waves of Grain, a sign hung above the door read, “Never judge the day by the weather.” (Good motto for Oregon.) I decided to take that advice, and luckily, after I finished my coffee, it cleared up a little – enough for me to walk around with my camera.

Are you wondering what those little white-ish specks are? The ones across the inlet?

Seagulls. Just chilling. Taking a break from the fighting the wind.

There’s something about the ocean, something magically healing. I don’t know if it’s the noise, or the way the waves are unstoppable, or the water stretching endlessly out to the horizon. I really needed the calm that it gives me. The last two weeks haven’t been easy (more on that later), and the five before that were so busy that I pretty much feel like I haven’t had a breather for months. But I always feel better beside the water.

This one’s basically just for scale – so you can see how massive that rock is.

Kind of a perfect day, actually. A small photo-worthy adventure.


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