Anniversary Giveaway Postponed…to Labor Day!


Hello, readers!

At least one person has emailed me about this, and I just wanted to give you a quick head’s up about the anniversary giveaway.

I’m really sorry about being slow on this.

Yes, the deadline I gave myself–August 19, the seventh anniversary of this blog–has technically come and gone. The time between July 15 (my last post) and today (also my birthday) has gone very quickly, and I’ve had a number of real life developments that gobbled up my time. All is well, or well enough, but it does mean that the giveaway will not go as planned.

Instead, it’ll happen on Labor Day! That’s September 5, which is very soon and also a holiday I plan to devote entirely to writing matters.

That’ll give me a good chunk of time to organize the books. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but I’ve added even more prizes in those stacks underneath my side table.

ALSO, if you are still waiting on your prize from the last giveaway or on a bookplate, do not fear. Instead, please forgive me. I have probably just not mailed it quite yet, due to the real life developments mentioned above. My goal is to get all those out before the next giveaway starts. In other words, this week. If you don’t receive yours by mid-September, then please email me so that we can figure out a way to your prize to you.

Sorry again, and thank you guys for being so patient!


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