Official Bio:

Shelby Bach grew up reading every book she could find and writing stories in battered notebooks. She also rarely came home with a clean shirt and had lots of accidents that ended with a hunt for Band-Aids. Nowadays she writes on her laptop rather than in a notebook, but not much else has changed.

Longer version:

Born in Houston, Texas, my family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina when I was one and a half. In the land of Southern belles, I was an outspoken goofball with an excessively loud laugh. (I only got kicked out of the library once, though – I loved books so much I decided to learn some volume control.) In fifth grade, I wrote my first novel while hiding a composition notebook inside my desk. It was about a girl who saved the world from an alien invasion. After that, I kept a collection of notebooks, pens, and stories nearby at all times. By the age of twenty, I finished seven books – six children’s fantasy, one adult – which I consider fantastic practice for when I started writing for real.

After I graduated from Vassar College in 2008 (with a Bachelor of Arts in English), my wandering years began. I moved straight to New York City to attend the Columbia Publishing Course. Then I spent a year working as a children’s books editorial assistant in a major publishing house. In August 2009, the lure of writing got too strong. With a bunch of notes on an after-school program for fairy tale characters-in-training, I moved to Montana. I wrote full time in a small cabin until the bears visiting my porch scared me off. Then I moved back to an area where the wildlife is much less dangerous – my childhood hometown Charlotte, North Carolina. While working on Of Giants and Ice and Of Witches and Wind, I enjoyed a year close to my family and oldest friends, but then wanderlust struck again. I spent four months driving my Mini Cooper up the West Coast and trying out new places to live, and I picked Portland, Oregon as the best, most fun, most bookish fit.

I stayed there for almost four years, but I’m in the process of moving back to Charlotte so that I can be closer to family. Luckily, epic road trips have become my speciality.

In more creative news, now that I’ve finished the Ever Afters series, I’m getting my feet wet with a new project. It’s very different from what I’ve written before, but hopefully, I’ll be able to share more details soon!

The links in the long version will take you to blog posts on those topics.

Also, there’s a teensy bit more about me here on Simon & Schuster’s Author Revealed Page, and a writing-focused biography on me is now up on The Studio, a partnership between the Girl Scouts and the Children’s Book Council.

As of August 2013, you can also find a wikipedia page on me and my books.