Giveaway Winners! Plus more info on OF ENEMIES & ENDINGS :-)

First, thank you to everyone who participated in the Cover Reveal giveaway! I picked the winners this morning, and…

**drumroll please**

The winner of The Ever Afters prize pack is…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Danica H.!




Also, I forgot to update the post, but I decided to throw a third book into the second giveaway–a signed copy of The Theory of Everything, by Kari Luna, which I just finished reading and I thought was funny and delightful. It’s YA, but younger YA (the protagonist is 14, the same age Rory turns in Of Enemies and Endings), and it’s about a girl who sees things other people can’t, including an adorable panda guide named Walt.

Without further ado, the winner of Hook’s Revenge, Flights & Chimes & Mysterious Times, AND The Theory of Everything is….

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Mike R.!!!

Congratulations, Danica H. and Mike R.!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!

I shall be emailing you both for your addresses, so please check your inbox.

Of Enemies and Endings Cover

Now, onto some more Of Enemies and Endings business: a few of you have been eager to find out more about the final book in the series, namely when it comes out and what it’ll be about. I had to doublecheck with my editor, but she confirmed this week.

Of Enemies and Endings will come out on June 30, 2015!!!!

I know it’s almost a week later than it came out this year, but considering I turned it in roughly three or four months behind schedule, that pub date is closer than I feared it would be.

A couple readers have also expressed interest in the flap copy, which we just finalized last week. Here it is:

How will this tale end?

The whole fairy-tale world is on high alert. The Snow Queen and her minions are targeting Characters, and Ever After School is the only safe refuge left. Rory knows a final confrontation is inevitable, and she worries about the safety of her family and friends–particularly Chase, who has been acting very strange lately.

Will Rory be able to count on Chase when she needs him most? Is she strong enough to put an end to the Snow Queen’s terrible reign once and for all? Only one this is certain: it’s time for Rory to find out if her tale ends in happily ever after. 

It is VERY hard to talk about this book without spoilers, so I won’t add much. But I will say that at the beginning of the book, only Rory and the Zipes triplets are still living at home (Rory in San Francisco with her mom and Amy, the triplets in the Texas hill country with their parents). The rest of their grade has moved to EAS, and that’s just ONE of the changes that have taken place since the end of the third book. :-)

TITLE & COVER REVEAL – The Ever Afters 4. plus a Giveaway :-)

Some of you have been asking about when I’ll reveal the title, and a few have been very eager to see the cover. Well, today is THE day for both.

As I have hinted before, a reader came up with this title, not me and not any of my publishing associates.

Some of you regular visitors may remember this, but in January, way before Of Sorcery and Snow came out, some readers decided to come up with possible Book 4 Titles on the first **SPOILER** Board. (In case you’re new to the site, a **SPOILER BOARD** is a page where readers can go and chat about the books as much as they want without ruining the plot for someone else. More details on this post.)

Anyway, these awesome readers didn’t just come up with a couple titles. They came up with DOZENS. A few kids started listing possibilities for every letter in the alphabet. Basically, you readers did my title brainstorming for me. I know I said this at the time, but again, thank you all so much!

I promised to send them on to my editor, Julia, when she asked for Book 4 titles. I sent her a list with some readers’ potential titles and a few I’d come up with as well. The one Julia and her team at S&SBFYR loved the most was created by…

Dun dun DUN!

Rachel S Announcement

As a thank you, Rachel, I’m going to make sure you get an early copy of the book. Unfortunately, since I’m still working on the manuscript, it’ll be a while until I have those. In the meantime, I’ve made you a one-of-a-kind mug. (I’m emailing you for your address, so definitely check it, okay?)

Now, before anyone races to that **SPOILER** Board and combs through Rachel’s comments to guess which title hit the mark, HERE is the final cover for The Ever Afters 4, the final book in the series:

Of Enemies and Endings Cover

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Isn’t it AMAZING?? I love this cover so hard. Cory Loftis (the cover artist) totally nailed the Snow Queen, with her cutting kind of beauty and her smug sort of fierceness. And Rory! She looks a little older than the girl on the cover for Of Sorcery and Snow, which is set only three and a half months earlier, and she has this look like she’s learned what she’s made of and she refuses to back down.

In other words, it’s a cover that promises EPICNESS will go down. (And it will. I just have to finish revising the book first.)

Now, to celebrate all this awesome, I’m going to give away with two prizes:

For those of you who don’t yet own the series (or just want to win signed copies), I’m giving away all three books AND one of the swag packs from this summer!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

I don’t want to leave out the people who already acquired all the books in the series, SO I’m also giving away copies of two more middle grade adventures:


Heidi-Emma-Collage a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’ve read the latter, a steampunk fairy tale which was beautiful and haunting and a little sad but full of hope, but I JUST got my hands on the former. HOOK’S REVENGE–a tale about Captain Hook’s daughter coming to revenge her father in Neverland–has been selling out all over the place, so it took me a while to snag my own copy. I am thrilled to start reading it tonight. (Plus, I’ll make sure Heidi signs HOOK’S REVENGE when I see her at our panel at A Children’s Place on Tuesday. Emma might not get a chance to sign hers.)

I think I’ll allow two whole weeks for the contest! That means, it’ll close at 11:59PM on 10/14. To enter, you just enter your name and email into the Rafflecopter widget(s) above, but extra points go to those people who Like the Ever Afters on Facebook.

Good luck to everyone who enters!!!!
And I hope y’all love the cover as much as I do!!!!!

Are you ready?

I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I promise that behind the scenes, I’m lining up good things.

Here are a few ESPECIALLY exciting ones:

ALL EVENTS for next couple weeks

You read that right! I’m revealing the cover (and the title) for The Ever Afters 4 here on TUESDAY!!! And I’ll be holding a giveaway to celebrate, so don’t forget to check back.

Also on the exciting front, if you happen to live near Salem or Portland, Oregon, and if you want to come and see me, I have two events coming up: a signing at the Book Bin on October 3 and a panel with three other lovely ladies at A Children’s Place on October 7. :-D :-D :-D

An Apology for Radio Silence & FAQ’s

Hello, readers and lovely new website visitors!

I’m incredibly sorry. I didn’t mean to completely disappear this summer, especially without announcing a formal internet break, but that is exactly what happened over the past couple months. Book 4, as I have mentioned before, is a beast. It is eating up all my time and my energy. I think it’ll end up being a pretty good book, but right now, it is demanding my undivided attention.

Sorry, poor neglected blog! And Twitter! And facebook, tumblr, and instagram!

And most of all, I’m sorry to you readers! I know Of Sorcery and Snow just came out, and you’re probably more eager to hear from me. I feel terrible about letting you down.

And here’s the other thing I’m really sorry about: the internet hiatus isn’t over. I’m only popping my head out of the revision cave for this post, and then I have to get back to crafting this draft.

The only reason I broke my silence?

Well, today is a special occasion. There’s absolutely no reason why you would know why. I actually only remembered, because I marked my calendar months and months ago–in seriously calmer times.

It’s the five year anniversary of me becoming a professional writer. I meant to write a really deep post about my journey, and instead, here I am, apologizing for my long absence(s). I think that gives you a pretty accurate picture of my life right now.

Before I disappear again, I want to quickly answer a few questions I’ve noticed.

So, here we go:

(a.k.a Frequently Asked Questions)

Will there be a Book 4?

Yes! Technically, it exists already. In July, it looked like this:

Book 4 - version 2

The first draft was over 500 pages long. Yikes.

This month, it is only slightly less humongous and unruly:

Book 4 - version 3

The second draft was less than 380 pages long. That still seems LONG.

(The bigger stack holds the chapters I still need to rework. Siiiiiigh.)

When does Book 4 come out?

We’re not sure what date it’ll be published, but right now, it’s scheduled to come out in Summer 2015. So, roughly, a year after Of Sorcery and Snow.

I’m sorry! I know it’s a long time to wait! That’s part of the reason I’m working so hard on it now. I want it to come out on time, so y’all don’t have to wait even longer.

Does Book 4 have a title?

Technically yes. I haven’t gotten permission to share it yet.

BUT I think I can tell you that the title was a suggestion from one of the readers who visited the **SPOILER** Boards. I told everyone then that I would share the title suggestions with my editor and agent, and I did. My editor ended up picking one that a reader suggested.

I’m planning a prize for this reader, and I’ll announce who this reader is when I’m allowed to announce the title.

What will be going on with Rory and Chase in Book 4?

Totally not telling. :-)

But seriously, this is one of those **SPOILER** things I’m afraid to even hint around. Plus, since the book isn’t finished, nothing is set in stone yet. So, I really can’t tell you, because it might not be true in the next draft.

The site says I’m a spammer! Can you rescue my comment?

I will try. I’ve been trying to go through the spam folder at least once a week to rescue comments that don’t deserve to be there, but I have horrific news–news that has been keeping me up at night:

The spam folder has been deleting comments faster than I can go through them. In other words, we’re losing some comments forever.

I don’t know why this is happening. It’s never happened before. Earlier this year, I found comments that were almost a year old, and right now, I’m getting so much spam–like actual, slightly gross spam–that the spam folder tends to get overfull in LESS than a week. I think it has started to delete stuff on its own.

I created this website on my own, and I think we’ve reached the ends of my ability to maintain it properly. I think I’m going to have to recruit some professional help this fall.

I feel awful about this, and I wish I had a solution. I hope all of you are saving your important posts before you submit them to the potential wrath or mercy of this site’s overzealous spam folder.

Could we have a fanfiction-only page to go along with the **SPOILER** Boards?

A number of you guys have asked me about creating a page just for fanfiction. I’m immensely flattered that you guys have enjoyed the Ever Afters so much that you want to write a story within its world. I know it’s a pain to try to track a certain fanfiction when a) it’s not the only fanfiction in the 2,000 or so comments on that page and b) Larry, the spam folder/comment devourer, keeps eating your posts.

I haven’t answered the question until now, because I’ve been considering it.

And right now, my answer is…not right now. :-(

I’ve thought about this long and hard, and at the moment, I can ONLY be responsible for this book. I can’t be responsible for extra content beyond that. That includes the short stories, blog posts, AND fanfiction.

And after the book (finally) gets turned in, well, it’s very rare for an author to be in charge of fanfiction for her own books. I’m not sure I’ll be the one to break the cycle. I’m still thinking about it.

When will the short stories come out?

Sometime after Book 4 is in. I’m going to need a project where I get to say goodbye to these characters, and those short stories will be it.

Have you gotten my email?

Probably. But I’m afraid I’m backed up on the email front–roughly five months behind by today’s estimate. I think I answered all blog comments up until June 23, and then I haven’t since.

I still plan to respond, but it’ll be a while before I can turn my attention to them. It’ll take even longer for me to get back to everyone.

Where are you??????????

Working on Book 4.

Green Bean Book July 30 Book Club

Thank you to Earl at Green Bean Books for the photo!

I did have this fabulous event with Green Bean Books at the end of July (see above), but besides that, Book 4 has dominated my life. I’ve been working ten to fifteen hour days. I’ve taken one day off since early May, and I spent it in bed, watching Call the Midwife. 

I’m telling you this so that you know: I’m not ignoring you on purpose. I am doing all I can.

As I write this, I sense you on the other end of the screen. I sense you getting upset, maybe even angry: I’m gone for so long, and you were as patient as you could possibly be, and then you basically get a post about how I’m sorry but I can’t do the things you hoped I would do (at least right now)? A litany of apologies seems like a terrible way to repay your enthusiasm and your kindness. I know this. I kind of expect to get a few messages that contain varying levels of displeasure.

Please don’t think, though, that this means that I don’t care or that I don’t think about you. I think about you all the time. I think about you especially while I’m writing and revising. Of the five years I have been writing, thinking about my readers has been the only thing that has remained consistent. I imagined you before I learned your names, and after I got the chance to meet you (digitally or in person), you wowed me with your passion and your smarts and all-around awesomeness.

That is why disappointing you haunts me so much.

I would love to be able to give you all that you ask for. I would love to just keep up with this website like I did earlier this year. But I am human–and I’m limited by a human amount of hours in a human day. My human body is starting to struggle under the stress of this year, and I’ve been forced to admit: I can’t do everything.

But I have to finish this book.

Here begins the official internet break. I’ll see you again after Book 4 is done. :-/

Giveaway Winners! And IT’S FINALLY HERE!!

First of all, thank you to everyone who entered!!

It makes me really happy to see you guys excited about the book, so seriously, thank you! As a thank you, I went ahead and added another prize to each category. So we’ll have six winners instead of four.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

WOOHOO!!!! Congratulations to Sage, Amanda T., Emily C., Makenna, Salma, and Christy S.!

(Note: I have already emailed all the winners, so check your inboxes. This was a Emily C with a bird in her email address, and a Christy whose last name ends with an “r.”)

To those of you who didn’t win, I’m sorry–I would love to give a prize to every single person who entered, but I sadly don’t HAVE that many prizes. :-(

But here’s the good news:

The wait is over! OF SORCERY AND SNOW should be making its way to bookstores and libraries everywhere.

of sorcery and snow in the wild

This photo is proof that it can be found out in the wild! 

I hope you all get your hands on a copy soon, and I really REALLY hope you enjoy it. 

After you’ve read it, you should definitely check out the Of Sorcery and Snow **SPOILER** Board (click here) to chat with other readers who finished the book.

Also, if you have any questions after you’ve read it, please don’t hesitate to ask me about it. I can’t promise I’ll answer right away (I’m still toiling away on Book 4), but I do try to answer everyone. The best way to reach me is via the Tumblr* Ask page (click here) or via email ( 

That’s it from me! I hope you enjoy OF SORCERY AND SNOW! :-D

*Note: You do not need a Tumblr account to ask me a question! You can be anonymous!