Hello! I’m Shelby Bach. I write books. Most recently, I’ve published The Ever Afters, a middle-grade fantasy series which has a lot of fairy tales, adventure, friendship, and dragon slaying.

Welcome to my website! Here’s a quick orientation:

If you have a question for me (such as Will there be a fifth book? or Will there be a movie?), please visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. You can also ask me a question through Tumblr.

If you’ve read the books and you’re hoping to find more cool stuff related to that world, like author videos and maybe a recipe for Fey Fudge, the Downloads page is the right place for you.

If you’ve read the books and are dying to talk about it with other readers, the **SPOILER*** Boards are your best bet. Here’s the most recent one.

If you are interested in writing, and you are hoping for some advice, you’re in luck: I’ve organized all of my writing advice into The Journeypen Project. This is the Table of Contents, which will help you get started.

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